Pilates at ABDC FAQ

Chances are, you’ve heard of Pilates...but have you heard of a Pilates reformer? The reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates and is a bed-like frame with a flat platform that rolls back and forth on wheels. "It is an apparatus used as a part of a Pilates exercise session under the direction of an instructor that uses springs for assistance and resistance to achieve proper muscle length and strength in an organized way," says Julie O'Connell, PT, DPT at Athletico Physical Therapy. "The reformer assists the individual in achieving the goals of Pilates...to organize the body’s posture through coordinated movements with an emphasis on control."


Pilates reformer work is low-impact and adaptable to all fitness levels. "It benefits everyone from teenagers to seniors, from elite athletes to people with a more sedentary lifestyle," she says. "Pilates reformer work focuses on core strength and proper muscle engagement which improves athletic performance, back pain, injury recovery, weight loss, balance, and bone density to name a few. It is a movement system designed to better our everyday life."


We've transformed the dressing room into a private Pilates reformer studio, where you can book 30-minute or one-hour sessions with Lexi. With concentrated one-on-one work, she will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals!