Spring Performance Information

Tights and Shoes

The costumes include all accessories except tights and shoes. Specific tights and shoe styles are described below. It is highly recommended that every student has a fresh pair of tights for Dress Rehearsal and the Performance, as well as a backup pair just in case!

Mon. 4:30pm Ballet Tap Combo 1: pink tights, pink ballet shoes.

Mon. 5:00pm Hip Hop 2: black or charcoal sneakers

Tues. 4:30pm Tap 1 & 2: tan tights (girls), black tap shoes

Tues. 5:15pm Hip Hop 1: black or charcoal sneakers

Tues. 5:15pm Tap 3: black tap shoes

Wed. 4:45pm Ballet 1: pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Wed. 5:30pm Ballet 2: pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Thurs. 4:30pm Jazz 1: tan jazz shoes

Thurs. 5:15pm Jazz 2: tan tights, tan jazz shoes

Thurs. 6:15pm Jazz 3: tan tights, tan jazz shoes

Thurs. 7:15pm Jazz 4: tan tights, tan jazz shoes

Sat. 9:30am Ballet/Tap Combo 1: pink tights, pink ballet shoes

Sat. 10:30am Ballet/Tap Combo 2: pink tights, black tap shoes

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsals will be held during your regularly-scheduled class the week of May 17-22. Dancers should arrive in costume, with hair and make up done.

We will be using this time to warm up, practice the dance in the performance space, check sound levels, and program light cues.

Performance Schedule

All performances will take place at Art Beat Dance Center, May 24-27. Each participating family has been issued 4 tickets to their performance slot. No other tickets will be issued for any performance slot. A Spring Performance video of all dances will be put together for rental or purchase in June.

Monday May 24


Saturday Combo 1

Saturday Combo 2


Monday Combo 1

Monday Adult Beg. Tap

Tuesday Hip Hop 1


Monday Hip Hop 2

Monday Adult Hip Hop

Tuesday Adult Lyrical

Tuesday May 25


Tuesday Youth Tap 1 & 2

Tuesday Youth Tap 3

Thursday Boys’ Tap 2

Thursday Boys’ Tap 3


Thursday Adult Tap 1

Saturday Adult Beg. Tap



Mon. & Thur. Adult Tap 3, Thur. Adult Tap 2/3

Monday Adult Tap 3

Wednesday Adult Tap 3

Ava Senior Solo

Wednesday May 26


Friday Adaptive Dance


Wednesday Dance for Parkinson’s

Thursday May 27


Wednesday Ballet 1

Thursday Contemporary Jazz 3


Wednesday Ballet 2

Tuesday Adult Broadway


Thursday Contemporary Jazz 2

Thursday Contemporary Jazz 4

Lily Senior Solo

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